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Rayless Sleep Mask – Pack Of 3 Masks

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Rayless Sleep Mask

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Use The Rayless Sleep Mask?

Apply the mask to clean, dry skin. You can wash your face or take a shower prior to use. Each mask can be used 8 to 24 hours depending on how oily your skin is. After you wake up, place Rayless onto the clear liner sheet included with each mask, which will maximize the life of the adhesive.

Why Was Rayless Created?

Because we were tired of not sleeping. Just like you, we were suffering from too much artificial light at night and noticed that our friends pulling night shifts were suffering too. Without a way to block out sunlight when they needed to sleep during the day, they weren’t getting the restorative sleep they needed. That got us thinking about all the people who need to catch up sleep: business travelers en route, parents of infants, late night hospitality workers, the engineer of the train we take after a night out… the list goes on.

How Does Rayless Work?

Rayless blocks the light that can keep you awake (day or night) in a comfortable, portable package. The mask can help to provide you the sleep environment nature intended, limiting the negative impact of exposure to artificial light. And with no bands or straps, the mask is more likely to stay on your face for hours, giving you a go-to tool to tackle a daily problem.

What Are The Benefits of The Rayless Sleep Mask

An all around adhesive seal. Soft hypoallergenic materials. A shape that conforms to your face. Layers of light blocking material. Rayless is different than other sleep masks.

The gentle adhesive of Rayless ensures the mask stays on as long as you sleep. No uncomfortable straps to wake you, or slip off in the night. Rayless is the first sleep mask that’s disposable, strap free, and truly light blocking, for a comfortable dark environment all night (or all nap) long.

How Will Rayless Help me Sleep Better?

Among its many benefits, they include:

Rayless conforms to your face and can block light all around your eyes.

Soft materials make Rayless a dream to wear no matter how long you sleep.

A foam layer lifts the mask off your eyes so they can move freely. Bring on the REM sleep.

Rayless is disposable so swap out your mask with a fresh one as often as you like.

Lay down in delicious darkness and get into a healthy circadian rhythm of good sleep.